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Canon updates consumer inkjet printer lineup


Canon has completely redesigned the bodies and logos of its Pixus line of consumer printers and improved their operability. Now the most commonly used function keys are illuminated and a new Intelligent Touch System will offer the user operational guidance.

The printer can also be used in conjunction with iPhone, iPad and Android powered mobile devices for wireless printing. Users may also now choose and print their favorite frame of any HD video shot with a Canon camera using a feature known as 'Full HD video print'.

The MG6130 is on sale now priced at around 31,000 yen.

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31,000 yen: Cheap enough, until you have to buy the ink! I just spent ¥20,000 yesterday on a few cartridges!

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hahah...beat me to it bcbrownboy

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I have a love/hate relation with Cannon printers - The printer works great but the ink cartridges have the shortest life spam in the industry. Needless to say my next printer will NOT be a Cannon.

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It's interesting that Canon printers cost nearly three times the price domestically in Japan as for the same models in the US or other foreign markets. Unfortunately, it's difficult to use a printer from another market in Japan because the ink cartridges have different, incompatible chips.

For example, the Canon MP560 is currently US$79.00 (approximately 6,652 yen) on Amazon.com, while the same printer for the Japanese market is 21,980 yen on Amazon.co.jp.

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Printers manufacturers make ALL their money selling you overpriced refills. They are so expensive you'd swear they were made from unicorn blood.

Interesting factiod: The third party inks for refills are pretty much all the same. Even of the numbers don't match. It is SUCH a profitable business that big manufacturers pay third party ink producers to NOT make copies (matching cartridge numbers) of their ink. SO, if you don't mind a noticeable drop in quality, but make a lot of copies, just jam any damn ink in there and print away.

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ichibanshibori...the northamerican version could be manufactured in mexico or canada for cheap and sold at a comparitive price to other printers in the US. but because most stores in japan do not sell other brands but for Japanese, they can keep the price high (consumer has no choice). Also, they need to pay workers in Japan overtime and bonuses that other countries dont, so expenses are higher. My take on this of course.

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The first printer manufacturer that sells ink catridges cheaper will win.

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