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Cap with built-in solar-powered fan sure to keep you cool

By Steven Simonitch

It looks like it’s going to be another hot summer here in Japan and as the country calls for voluntary power cuts to cope with post-March 11 shortages, the Japanese people are using their head to come up with eco-friendly ways of keeping cool.

And we mean literally using their head: net retailer Rare Mono Shop has started selling a baseball cap with a solar-powered fan built into it.

It’s called the Solar Fan-Embedded Hat and is available in a total of four equally-embarrassing colors. The fan is built into the visor of the cap and blows a cool breeze at the user’s face through a small hole. It can be purchased online from Rare Mono Shop and goes for 1,260 yen.

While wearing the Solar Fan-Embedded Hat probably won’t make you look cool, it’ll certainly make you feel cool, and under the scorching summer sun that’s all that really matters, right?

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Maybe it's just me but wouldn't it be cooler, temperature-wise, with no hat at all?

As for looking cool - in a baseball cap??

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I saw this on the news. The catch is.... it doesn't work in the shade, so you need to be out in the burning heat.

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The cute girl wearing it is making fe feel hot!

Wouldn't be caught dead wearing the hat though

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Hmm, I see that some bright executive said, "bring me a Japanese girl who is hot to model the cap-fan" but they ended up using a hot Japanese girl instead. Not that I'm complaining, just commenting.

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Great idea to use solar technology and such a reasonable price, next on my list of things to buy. If you have to be in the sun, then better to wear a hat than none at all, just common sense.

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They have been selling these at the SEntosa Cable Car in Singapore for years. They do work a bit, but baseball caps are so not cool.

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Quote: "The fan is built into the visor of the cap and blows a cool breeze at the user’s face through a small hole."

Just blew up the pic. It's a MASSIVE hole.

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These have been around at least since the 1980s... Bought one for my girlfriend back then in a solar products catalog.

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Buy 20 of these and some lengths of wire and I can do my house! Who said solar power was expensive?

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only in Japan lol

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I want to buy one, shame their web site is only in Japanese. If anyone can help please contact

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