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Pioneer Co has developed what it calls the world’s first "real" in-car navigation system which shows the route just as it is. This is made possible by the installation of a camera into the car’s windshield, which sends real time footage of the road and the surroundings to the system. It also analyzes route circumstances, such as actual distance between cars, traffic light changes, shops and landmarks. The product comes in four models, priced between 230,000 and 300,000 yen.

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Worth more that my car!

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Android phones - using google maps and the navigation feature render this 300,000 yen thing extravangant overkill.

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Just what drivers need, another distraction. Was nearly run down by a sweetie pie, texting , while driving in the safety zone at a local shopping mall.

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Too many functions will distract the driver. This is overkill.

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Good product, bad timing. No more ETC 1,000. You need to be able to drive somewhere in order to get any use out of it. Compound that problem with the comsumption tax going up, I don't think there will be many people rushing out to buy it even if it is good.

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