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Carbon heater guarantees perfectly toasted bread

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No one can deny Japan’s love for good bread. Local bakeries or panya are about as common as convenience stores in some neighborhoods and lines can go on for hours. From perfecting the baguette to bagels, the options are endless.

While it’s best to have bread right as it’s cooled from the oven, sometimes you might bite more than you can chew.

Luckily, the new carbon heater toaster by Iris Ohyama is guaranteed to reheat bread to the right level of crispiness. Maintaining the fluffiness comes easy with the steam cup attachment that fits seamlessly into the device.

It can make other dishes like gratin or pastries using infrared technology and a temperature of up to 280 degrees.

Available in three colors, prices for this toaster start from ¥15,180.


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1 Comment
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Hard to tell the size from the images above. Apparently, it can hold up to four slices of bread or a small pizza.

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