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Casio introduces new concept for digital piano


Casio Computer Co Ltd has announced the upcoming release of the PX-S7000, a new addition to its Privia line of digital pianos. This beautiful new piano boasts a modern 360o design that sets it completely apart from other digital pianos with a built-in stand and pedals. It also comes with high-quality sound source technology and an original acoustic system that can be specifically adjusted for various playing spaces. All of these innovations come together to deliver an all-new playing experience.

Under the “In Harmony with Life” concept, Privia delight people who want to enjoy playing the piano in accordance with their own values. With a design that is in harmony with modern lifestyles, and technology that delivers outstanding playability and expressiveness, Privia ensure users can enjoy playing music in their own unique way.

The new PX-S7000 redefines the way pianos can be incorporated into people’s lives, based on the idea of “Style, Reimagined.” Until now, people usually have had to place a typical digital piano with a built-in stand and pedals near a wall due to appearance and/or acoustic system characteristics, and this has limited the ways the piano can be enjoyed. The sounds of the PX-S7000, however, are composed of individually adjusted sound elements and output from each of the four speakers, so they combine in space to create a natural sound spread. With this technology, when users choose an acoustic setting matching the piano’s position — near a wall, center of a room, on a table — they will enjoy great sound in many different spaces, setting them free from having to be up against a wall.

While the PX-S7000 features a built-in stand and pedals, the straight lines of the design give it a light impression. The transparent acrylic music stand, pedal unit, stand, and even the speaker fabric on the back are colored to match the color of the body, creating a design that is beautiful from any viewing angle. The flagship model also features a refined, deep yellow “Harmonious Mustard” color. This special color, rarely found on a piano, harmonizes beautifully with virtually any room’s interior, while adding a touch of color to the living space. That model is also equipped with a new keyboard made not only of resin but also of wood. Unique digital control technology and the new keyboard mechanism deliver a richly expressive and natural touch feel, from soft to strong keystrokes.

Casio will also release two models with separately sold stand and pedals — the PX-S6000, which offers playing style flexibility with easy portability and tone adjustment features, and the PX-S5000, which has a compact body without compromising on authentic piano-like features.

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