From left: GW-B5600CD-1A2, GW-B5600CD-9, and GW-B5600CD-1A3 Photo: Casio Computer Co
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Casio to release Charles Darwin Foundation collaboration G-SHOCK watches


Casio Computer Co Ltd has announced the release of new additions to the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches. The three new GW-B5600CD watches are the brand’s latest collaboration with the Charles Darwin Foundation, an organization that engages in environmental conservation activities in the Galapagos Islands.

The Charles Darwin Foundation is an international nonprofit organization committed to conserving the natural environment of the Galapagos Islands. The organization is involved in a range of activities, including surveying the Galapagos Islands’ marine and terrestrial life and ecosystems and promoting island nature conservation efforts. The latest collaboration model marks the second partnership between G-SHOCK and the Charles Darwin Foundation, following the first in 1999.

The new GW-B5600CD shock-resistant watches feature designs incorporating silhouettes of creatures that live in the Galápagos Islands, along with the rich natural environments where they live. While based on the GW-B5600, a timepiece equipped with radio wave reception and Tough Solar charging capabilities, the new GW-B5600CD watches feature a bezel and band made with bio-based resin produced using renewable organic resources.

Each of the three watches features a face with a unique design motif: a hammerhead shark in an ocean environment for the GW-B5600CD-1A2; a Darwin’s finch amid the foliage of a Scalesia forest, one of its preferred habitats, for the GW-B5600CD-1A3; and a Galapagos giant tortoise in a rocky location, one of its preferred habitats, for the GW-B5600CD-9. Silhouettes of each featured creature also appear on the LCD when the backlight is illuminated.

The Charles Darwin Foundation logo is engraved on the case back, and a Spanish-language statement meaning “I support Galapagos conservation” is printed on the band. A portion of the proceeds will be used to support the Charles Darwin Foundation’s conservation activities.

The watches are priced at 26,400 yen each and go on sale on Dec 8.

Source: Casio Computer Co

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Also, on each watch, should be printed “Darwin was wrong.”

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Darwin was right about evolution. He was wrong about why variations occur within a given species. But nobody really cares about the latter. Also think JY 26400 is a lot for a battery powered plastic watch.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

If it's a Darwin Foundation, I'll take one. Great watch, great mind.

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