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Casio to release MR-G with iconic form and comfortable dura soft band


Casio Computer Co Ltd has announced the release of a new addition to the MR-G line, the flagship of the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches. The new MRG-B5000R inherits the iconic shape of the very first G-SHOCK — representing the brand’s point of origin — and features a highly comfortable Dura Soft band.

Based on the concept of delivering “the ultimate in toughness-driven watches,” the MR-G line sits at the pinnacle of the G-SHOCK brand, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and master metalworking techniques. Inheriting the iconic form of the original G-SHOCK, the original MRG-B5000 was released in 2022. Featuring a bezel with the Multi-Guard Structure to enable precision polishing, the watch employed cutting-edge materials including COBARION, a super-hard alloy, finished with master polishing craftsmanship. With features such as these, it has proven very popular as the flagship model of the G-SHOCK brand.

Dura Soft band ensuring an extremely comfortable fit Photo: Casio

The new MRG-B5000R builds on the MRG-B5000, employing a soft, comfortable Dura Soft band to offer flexible ease of use befitting the flagship line of the G-SHOCK brand and deliver suitability for both formal occasions and active situations. The Dura Soft band offers strong resistance to discoloration, staining, and deterioration over time, while insert-molding of titanium components also enhances the strength of the band’s connection to the case. The band features a soft, comfortable textural feel, offering a snug fit even when engaging in rigorous activities. A one-touch, 3-fold titanium clasp adds stylish flair to the design.

The watch design is an homage to the color scheme of the DW-5000C-1B, the gold-accented version of the very first G-SHOCK. A diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating is applied to the case and a gold IP finish to the side buttons. The face features gold accents as well. The band incorporates textured patterns inheriting design motifs still going strong since the very first G-SHOCK, including “SHOCK RESIST” symbols and the brick pattern. While inheriting design elements from the original model, the watch combines characteristic G-SHOCK toughness and beauty with a look all its own.

Price: 484,000 yen

Source: Casio Computer Co

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"Price: 484,000"

American dollars or Yen...?

Moderator: Sorry. Yen.

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Casio makes some great watches. Before I got a smart phone, I used a solar powered, radio calibrated Casio. I don't really like to wear a watch, but if I need one, Casio is the most practical.

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Price is abhorrent

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I agree with Dan...that price is well out of my range!

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