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Cat combing-inspired hair gel

By grape Japan

Are you running out of items to add to your collection of off-the-wall cat goods? Are lip gloss that simulates kissing a wet cat nosehand cream that smells like cat paws, and kitty milk scented bath powder no longer impressing your friends? Fret no longer, because cat grooming-inspired hair gel is here to help you keep your feline edge.

The latest in a long line of quirky cat-themed goods from Japanese retailer Felissimo, the "Kushi Kushi Grooming 3D Styling Hair Gel" (kushi kushi is the Japanese onomatopoeia associated with combing hair) is a fragrant hair styling gel inspired by the manner in which cats lick their paws and groom themselves.

It doesn't actually contain cat saliva (sorry to disappoint), but Felissimo says that the gel is designed to to resiliently restore itself to a smooth surface after touching, as its encouraged to be applied to your hair for styling in simple swift swipes, as a cat would do.



The gels come in White Flower and Pear&Peach fragrances, with White Flower containing scents of magnolia, lily of the valley, white roses and vanilla. Pear&Peach has the scent of...well, pears and peach, but also hints of dragonfruit, jasmine, and rose.

Both can be ordered from Felissimo's online store (international shipping) for 1,100 yen.

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I wonder if it was made using animal testing? There'd be the irony.

I looked at the site, no information about animal-testing of course, which usually means it was used, and some of the ingredients are often made using animal-testing. What a shame.

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What the hell is cat combing?

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Just get a cat and be done with all these unneeded products!

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