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Pioneer is releasing two new CD audio systems: X-HM51-S and X-HM21-S in late June. They are compatible with USB connection, and can play music from iPhone/iPad/iPod, CD, USB memory, and AM/FM radio.

The X-HM51-S model is also Bluetooth compliant so you can play music saved in Bluetooth devices wirelessly.

Both models have two-way speakers with a large aperture woofer (X-HM51-S: 12cm / X-HM21-S: 10cm) and a tweeter. Also, they have a high-power amp (X-HM51-S: 50W+50W / X-HM21-S: 15W+15 W) built-in for high-quality sound.

Open price.

X-HM51-S Size: 215 x 100.5 x 325 mm Weight: 2.3 kg

X-HM21-S Size: 215 x 95 x 315 mm Weight: 2 kg

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People still buy CD players?

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

If your an audiophile yeah, a good system will trump any smartphone or small music player.

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Its so last year... Or the year before... Or whatever...

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

What. No cassette deck?

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