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CD radio for kids


From Sony comes the ZS-E5, a CD player and FM/AM radio with easy-to-use, large control buttons. Available in pink and blue. Price: approximately 7,000 yen.

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I rather like seeing kids climb trees/exploring nature and having simple fun . These days kids are buying 7000 yen CD radio/using the internet and too young a age.

Kids need to explore their natural world before entering the CD world or cyber world.

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correction-These days kids buying 7000 yen CD radio/using the internet ,at too young age.

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wow, you can get one for virtually free these days, that pink thing should be sold for 580yen

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actually I am looking for one for my 5yo - he loves listening to audio books as he drifts off to sleep

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Surprised they didn't market this for the old.

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