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Celebrate Pendant


It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas gifts — especially for your better half. With this in mind, forward-thinking Japanese jewelry company Star Radiance recently released the Celebrate Pendant. Simply select the color (brass or sterling silver) and style (heart-shaped or rectangular), and the company can inscribe names, a date or even a short note. But the kicker is, you can also stick in a thumbnail-sized Micro SD card with photos or a video message. (Sarah Cortina/Metropolis)

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Scrap the idea for a SD card and place a GPS tracker in your girlfriend's present. Better yet give her one GPS and one listening device. A sterling sponge or anti-prgenancy pill case would be much more practical, though!!

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thats just tacky!

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Cute idea!!! I like this one ^^ beats that idiotic "justice" bra .. o man just mentioning that sends me into laughter.

But this is a good idea and nice gift idea! have to nudge the hubby on this one ^^b

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