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Charge your mobile phone in times of emergency


Sony is releasing a hand-cranked battery charger/emergency radio (ICF-B88/ICF-B08) on July 20. It will be extremely helpful as an emergency energy supply or as part of outdoor gear.

It is particularly useful – able to be charged up not only with the handle but with a USB AC adapter – either the accompanying USB cable or a USB AC adapter (sold separately) is necessary. It can also be charged with solar light.

It’s drip-proof (JIS IPX4) so that you can feel at ease while using it in areas with water exposure or outside in wet conditions.

Price: Open Size: (ICF-B88) 132×79×58mm, (ICF-B08) 132×77×58mm Weight: (ICF-B88) 338g, (ICF-B08) 329g Color: (ICF-B88) Silver, (ICF-B08) Orange, White Accessories: microUSB cable, plug adapter for charging a mobile phone, hand strap, emergency whistle, portable pouch

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This would be very useful. The planet is becoming so floody!

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The perfect thing for the great outdoors, if you can get a signal..

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Those who were in Japan during the 3/11 know that in case of emergency you won't get any coverage signal anyway so I am slightly questioning the real use for such of charger, but could be maybe of some use if you are outdoor with no access power.

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Why do not heat converted to electricity and charge the phone?

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You are looking at 2 minutes of winding for 5-10 minutes of use for this device (a guess).

Why do not heat converted to electricity and charge the phone?

You need the heat source, then the peltier - Biolite Campstove (very unique woodgas stove from India) does this. Plus -Dynamos are cheap. (solar/dynamo (on bottom) lantern)

Kaito (Voyager) radio (1# prepper dynamo radio)

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