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Chocolate mushrooms make for the cutest earphones


If you’ve ever been into Japanese snacks then you would have heard of Kinoko no Yama (mushroom of the mountain) and its counterpart, Take no Ko (bamboo countryside), both are bite-sized milk chocolate-covered biscuits shaped as either mushrooms or bamboo. There’s even been an ongoing debate on who reigns supreme over the other although the flavor is the same. 

At the first Kinotake Global Summit that was held this year, the commercialization of Kinoko no Yama earphones was announced. First discussed on X (formerly Twitter), the brand decided to launch the product and presented mockups as well as additional product functions. Aside from earphones, the device would also use AI to translate words into 127 different languages. 

While the official product launch date and price have yet to be revealed, keep your eye out for these earphones to hit the shelves.  


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Cute ... until a little kid chokes on one.

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Let's encourage kids to stick things in their ears.

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Listening to Black Sabbath through chocolate mushroom earphones has been on my bucket list for years.

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