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Coca-Cola Japan to release anniversary Super Nintendo World bottle design featuring Mario

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By grape Japan

Coca-Cola Japan has amazed us before with their limited edition runs of artistic can and bottle designs. These designs have featured seasonal motifs to celebrate events like cherry blossom season, or paid homage to certain regions of Japan by incorporating local sights into the illustration.

Their latest bottle campaign is also inspired by a specific area of Japan, and that’s the Super Nintendo World section of Universal Studios in Osaka. Rather than the usual plastic bottle, a slim aluminium bottle has been used to allow more space for the design and give an overall more slick look to the drink.

These awesome limited edition bottles feature a scene from one of Nintendo’s most famous works, Super Mario, to celebrate the one year anniversary of Super Nintendo World’s grand opening. The theme park area opened in March last year, and is fully decked out in scenery, characters, and motifs from various Nintendo franchises, and has several attractions for visitors to enjoy.

The bottle’s snazzy designs include Mario, Princess Peach’s castle, a Piranha Plant and more recognisable game elements. There’s two to choose from, and they will go on sale from April 25 in various places across Japan costing 125 yen.

Source: PR Times

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It's amazing how old the Nintendo company is. Started in 1889. Seems like a good partner for Coca Cola that started in 1882...

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