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Coca-Cola Japan to release new Christmas bottles with ribbon labels and music

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

Back in 2016, Coca-Cola gave its Japanese market a Christmas present to remember, wrapping their coke bottles in special labels that cleverly transformed into beautiful bows.

The novel ribbon-wrap packaging proved to be so popular that the company has been re-releasing them for the festive holiday period every year since. This year, however, they’ve got an additional surprise in store for customers as they plan to include a musical gift with each bottle as well.

Once you’ve pulled the tab on one of these specially marked bottles, you’ll find the word “music” with a 12-digit code next to it. Inputting this code into the campaign website will allow you to listen to one of 25 songs sung by popular J-pop girl group Little Glee Monster.

Some of the songs available include their new track “A Ribbon for Love“, which is scheduled to be officially released in mid-November, as well as covers of Christmas songs like “We Wish You a Merry Christmas“. Whatever song you choose to select from the playlist will be available for you to listen to as many times as you like from Oct 28 until Feb 14.

Part of the goal of these new design bottles is to bring family and friends together during the festive period, and Coca-Cola suggests each friend or family member download a different song from the list, so everyone can enjoy a variety of different Little Glee Monster tunes while celebrating the holiday season together.

While everyone will be able to receive a musical gift for free during the campaign, there’ll also be a chance to win 50 points on messaging app Line, or one of 2,000 Baskin and Robbins Christmas ice cream cakes as well. Simply enter the code on the ribbon label tab into the campaign website to see if you’ve won.


▼ The music present will also be available to those who purchase the larger sized Regular, Zero, and Zero-Caffeine cokes, which come with musical notes on the labels.


The 500-milliliter coke bottles will retail for 140 yen, while the larger one-liter bottles will retail for 232 yen, the 1.5-liter bottles for 349 yen and the two-liter bottles for 360 yen.

Source, images: PR Times 

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More wasteful and superfluous packaging containing the same tooth rotting, diabetes inducing drink.

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These will no doubt be popular.

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