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Coca-Cola Japan unveils new cherry blossom sakura design bottle for 2018

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By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

When Coca-Cola announced it would be releasing a limited-edition sakura design bottle in stores last year, it became one of the most sought-after drinks of the season, selling out in stores around the country as soon as it was released.

Thankfully, the soft drink giant has just revealed that we’ll have another chance to get our hands on a cherry blossom bottle again this year, this time with an all-new design that pays homage to the pale pink flowers of spring.

While last year’s design featured small blossoms against an all-white base, this year’s version showcases a much larger collection of cherry blossoms, overlaid on a pale pink base.

This time around, the sakura cover a much larger portion of the bottle, making it really stand out wherever you choose to take it. According to Coca-Cola, the new limited-edition release has been designed for spring events like the March 3 Doll’s Festival, graduation and school entrance ceremonies, and of course cherry-blossom viewing parties.

The slim aluminium bottle adds to the uniqueness of the “Japan Original” design, which will go on sale at supermarkets, souvenir shops and convenience stores around the country from Monday, coinciding with their new peach-flavoured Coca-Cola release. Each 250-milliliter bottle will retail for 125 yen.

Source: Coca-Cola Japan

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125 yen? For a single cup of Coke in an aluminum (of all things wasteful) bottle? Pretty, but nonsensical.

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