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Cola-flavored soy milk


Kikkoman has released a cola-flavored soy milk drink from Kibun Foods Inc. Kibun is famous for its many unique and interesting soy milk flavors such as coffee, sesame, maccha, oshiruko (sweet red-bean soup), grapefruit, yuzu citrus, roasted sweet potato, etc.

It's 46 calories per 200ml package.

Along with the cola flavored soy milk, they also released a new pear-flavored soy milk drink.

Source: AkihabaraNews

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A product that's time has not come.

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Eeuuuwww, what's with these minds? Isn't there anything better to do anymore?

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Since many if not most of soya milk consumers drink the product for its health benefits (unless they suffer from lactose intolerance), it would seem that cola-flavored tonyu would be something of a contradiction in terms. I can't see it going anywhere. Even cola isn't that popular in Japan.

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I want. Now.

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'Bout as bad as coffee-flavored cola I suspect.

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