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Color-changing Usamaru mug will warm your heart

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By Mochijapa, grape Japan

Are you looking for a nice gift for Valentine’s Day? If so, you might want to add these very lovely and fun Usamaru うさまる mugs to your shopping list.

Usamaru うさまる is a very popular Line app sticker character with seven years of history. More accurately, the white one is Usamaru うさまる and the pink one is Usako-chan うさこちゃん, Usamaru’s friend.

As you might have heard, competition for sales on Valentine’s Day in Japan is really fierce. Almost every department store holds a big special event which takes up an entire floor. There are many Valentine’s Day gift choices. However, there are two reasons which make this mug, うさまる メープルナッツショコラ〜チェンジングマグセット〜 Usamaru mepuru nattsu shokora – chengingu magu setto- a must-buy item.

When you pour a hot drink...


The first reason is its fun trick. If you pour a hot drink into the Usamaru うさまる mug, the pattern will change! As you can see from the picture, when nothing is in the mug, the print on the mug depicts Usamaru うさまるand Usako-chan hugging with small flowers around them.

Yes, it’s already cute enough. However, when you pour a hot drink into it, the cute hearts will appear.


For this version, if you pour a hot drink, coffee bean patterns will appear, and the English phrase “Let’s take a coffee break!” becomes the Japanese phrase ハグッッhagu. As you can guess from the pronunciation, of course, it means “Hug”! Also, take a good look at the mug on the right in the picture above. The coffee beans in the barrel will transform into Usamaru うさまる.

Cute and fun. That’s one of the reasons why this can be a really good candidate for your Valentine’s day gift.

Two delicious chocolate sweets covered with maple sugar

Tasty sweets made by QBG Lady Bear, a popular patisserie that uses all-natural sweeteners, come with the mugs.


The mug with this design comes with pink-colored chocolate balls covered with maple sugar. The treat is strawberry and white chocolate wrapped around a Macadamia nut.


This version comes with pecan nuts covered with milk chocolate. Generally, milk chocolate isn’t bitter. However, maple sugar and espresso powder have been mixed into this milk chocolate. This treat features a good balance between sweetness and bitterness.

The price for each mug is 2,750 yen (tax included), and one person can buy up to four. You can buy them from their official online shop starting from January 18th and from other places.

Check more detail on the official product page and get a cute mug with delicious chocolates!

About QBG Lady Bear


QBG Lady Bear is a popular patisserie in Tokyo that is known for its delicious sweets made from natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, and agave syrup. They started their business as a specialist in natural sweeteners in 1931. Their specialty is honey. Now, they have three shops: Tsukiji shop, NEWoMan Shinjuku store, and the online shop. Their Shinjuku shop is located inside the gates of JR Shinjuku station, and it’s really convenient.


QBG Lady Bear official website

QBG Lady Bear product page 

QBG Lady Bear official online shop

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Online Shopping

Note: You may need to use a proxy shopping service such as Buyee or White Rabbit Express if you'd like to have it shipped internationally

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Cute mugs. I would love to try a patisserie in Japan! :D

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