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Comfortable earphones for lying down


When you wear earphones while you lie down and relax, don't your earphones bother you? They tend to make your ears ache as time passes.

With Thanko's new earphones, you won't feel any pain in your ears for a long time. They're smaller than regular earphones so that the whole earbud fits perfectly in your ear without any of it sticking out, which is the main reason why we get those pesky earaches.

Price: 1,280 yen Size: 8mm in diameters x 16mm in height Weight: 8g Cable length: 1.2m

Source: AkihabaraNews

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The Shure SE215 earphones look much bigger than this, but they sit flush with the ears. I can lie down on my ear without any discomfort; plus they have great audio & noise isolation is as good as many active noise cancelling earphones.

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A worthwhile product for once! Ideal for those who like to drift to sleep without disturbing others.

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The picture shows the hair style more than the earphones. Here is the right picture:

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i even broke a sony MBR while lying! I bought a Jabra Revo Wireless so it wont break but still it's uncomfortable to wear lying down. In Ear is too bulky and iphone earphones sounds so bad. This may change it?

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