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Seiko Instruments Inc (SII) will release at the end of the month of an upgraded version of its compact electronic dictionary that allows reading, storage and viewing of business card data through a data manager. The product is the first of its kind in Japan that links with software for business card data management. SII plans to target salespersons and other users who work out of the office.

The dictionary is compatible with “Yasashiku Meishi Filing PRO v9.0” which is sold by leading business card software developer Media Drive. Data up to 6,000 standard business cards can be stored in the electronic dictionary.

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Seiko's line is the best of Japanese dictionaries. Unfortunately, machines in other nations, most notably SKorea, are a step ahead with machines that are much more Multi-media, and a lot cheaper, but still with excellent quality. Still, the sheer volume of the ENglish-Japanese dictionaries, encyclopedias, and what not on the newer Seikos is pretty amazing.

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Why is this on here - it is undoubtedly another Japanese-English dictionary and not an English-Japanese dictionary.

What's the difference? One is for Japanese people and the other for those learning Japanese. Seiko used to make a basic English-Japanese dictionary but the discontinued it (and it was only really any good for JLPT Level 4)

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Can someone out there recommend a good electronic dictionary for learning kanji? I have heard something about the Canon Wordtank mentioned in this regard before . . . . any advice?

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I just bought the Sharp Brain 900 and it is great for learning kanji and eng-> jap or Jap -> eng. Should have some basic japanese, but can still use without. don't need a english instruction manual. I had a canon g55 before that was good for beginners but not good for kanji look up, as you have to know a reading or stroke number. go with the sharp brain 900, about 25,000 yen ($280) at

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I was a CANON Wordtank user for the longest time, but now the best dictionary by far is CASIO's EX-word Dataplus 4 series with "The Kodansha - Kanji Learner's Dictionary" installed.

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Electronic dictionaries here for learners of the Japanese language are absolutely terrible. Dictionaries in general have improved though and you're spoilt for choice if your Japanese has reached a certain level. What has interested me is the latest addition of not only Japanese pitch accents on words but you can also hear the words spoken on Casio Ex-Word. It bugs the hell out of me when dictionaries do not have the pitch accents whereas all English and Chinese dictionaries have the stress or tone written.

Also good to finally see Korean dictionaries in Japan. Surely more Japanese people learn Korean than German/Spanish.

Yes, I wish the dictionaries were cheaper.

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[Unfortunately, machines in other nations, most notably SKorea, are a step ahead with machines that are much more Multi-media, and a lot cheaper, but still with excellent quality.]

That should get you laid tonight with that little Korean honey without having to suck up too much kimchi.

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How much is this new one?

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I have an ex-word that I really like.

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