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Panasonic's newest MC-PA120G vacuum cleaner is powerful, lightweight, and doesn’t miss a spot. Panasonic’s signature “Clean Sensor” lights up red when it detects any small dust particles that go unspotted, and the vacuum cleaner comes with an additional thin nozzle that has an LED light attached for narrow areas like between cabinets or behind the TV. 

MC-PA120G is set to be released in late August.

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Sorry we went lithium battery a long time ago, so this looks very old fashioned

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Will, the difference is cleaning power.  A battery cannot push as much energy as a wall outlet.  Battery operated vacuums have much less cleaning power than corded vacuums.  The measure of cleaning power is called air watts.  It is suction in pasquals multiplied by airflow in cubic meters per second.  Battery powered vacuums struggle to exceed 150 air watts, which is comparable to a 1980s vacuum.  This Panasonic has 540 air watts of cleaning power.  For light fast jobs a battery vacuum may be ok, but for deep cleaning, especially for cleaning rugs there is no substitute for a high powered corded vacuum.  Convenience vs your tolerance for dirt I guess.

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