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Japanese electronics manufacturer ONKYO has released a single-unit desktop computer with built-in speakers and display.

ONKYO says the speakers are produced by audio/video specialist, DTS. The speakers, sure to please audiophiles, are capable of producing high-quality output, and are extremely thin at just 10 mm each.

ONKYO says their goal was to create a computer that rivals a home theater system.

The system comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse as well as a remote control. Reportedly, the system is also capable of iPod playback even when the computer is not turned on.

Open pricing, but the system is expected to initially retail for around 170,000 yen.

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h'mmm wonder where they got that idea from? iMac possibly?

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Too expensive for a computer and didn't HP/MS.... pulled out from those home entertainment PCs?

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amongst speakers for computers ofcourse Bose would be the first best choice but, for salarymen like me with very limited money to spare I found Creative to be the next best option. Surprisingly their A300 or A500 series speakers had the best and most clear sound amongst whatever was on display at Yodobashi or Bicamera. I am using the A300 and am very happy with it and bes of all it only cost me 20yen short of 3000yen.

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Sorry ONKYO, a computer screen and 10mm speakers don't rival a home theater system.

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it seems like a great computer, but it is a bit expensive,with that amount of money i can but myself a new computer and one for my daughter too..i would rather wait a few years and get them cheaper..=)

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i can use the $1500 USD and put together something better then that =S

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My component system is Onkyo. There's too much treble. I think Denon is better. My home theater is a Macbook, a Cheap Dvd player and a video tape player, attached to an Onkyo component and Sanyo projector. I think at that price I'd rather buy a Mac mini.

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