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Convert music on vinyl into MP3


Sanwa Direct has released Record MP3 Henkan Player 400-MEDI012 for 6,980 yen at their online store.

Record MP3 Henkan Player 400-MEDI012 is a vinyl player that is able to convert music on a vinyl record into MP3 and save it on a USB flash memory without a PC. 

It also can be used as a regular vinyl player or MP3 player by connecting to a speaker or audio amplifier.

Size: W292×D122×H77mm Weight: 568g Accessories: USB cable, USB-AC power cable Compatible with: 78 rpm and 45 rpm records

Source: Mynavi News via AkihabaraNews

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the point of ripping vinyl is to have a transferable, digital copy of the superior mastering of the original record. storing music in a lossy format like mp3 irreparably damages the audio and is counter productive to the ripping process. it's like a musician recording their first album with a telephone. it's like taking a picture of a painting, resizing it to a 500x500 jpeg and putting instagram filters all over it. nobody who is serious about their music and their vinyl collection will want this.

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Some people just want to have access to their music. A lot of my family has old records that have either not been remastered in digital format, or they have just not gotten around to replacing their old collection with the new digital copies.

This would be perfect for them.

Secondly, at a price point of 7000 yen, I doubt that Sanwa is targeting audiophiles.

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