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Convertible touch screen netbook


With this netbook from Asus, you can zoom in or out and rotate the image by touching the screen with two fingers. You can also use the included stylus to control images. It weighs just 960 grams, has an 8.9-inch LCD, Intel Atom Z520 CPU, and runs Windows 7 Home Premium.

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Is it too much to ask the writer of this article to include a model number and a price?

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Just go to the Asus site, Mark!

Otherwise I was looking on something similar made by Fujitsu. Very appealing to be able to turn the display. Much thicker than the iPad but more powerful and real computer for the other stuff you might want to do.

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Forget it. They don´t have Steve Jobs to promote it as the latest "must have" gimmick.

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It is here -

And I agree with bogva - the iPad will be a huge debacle for Apple.

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This is infinitely better than the giant iPod Touch Apple made recently.

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These swiveling displays look intriguing, but I've always thought it would be too easy to accidentally break them right off.

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ASUS is well-known for quality motherboards. They're relatively new to the the laptop market but quickly making a good name for themselves there too (for instance, they're one of the first to offer laptops with HDMI for only around US$1000 a couple years ago).

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Cool model, but again, I can not imagine how can you write about electronics without model number...

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I bought my EeePC a year ago from Asus and I LOVE it. The price for this one is only 10,000 Yen more and anyone in the market for a netbook, I'd say go ahead and get it.

The EeePC I have now hasn't had even one small problem and I am still surprised at how much of a workhorse it is. I've even done video editing on it. I can't wait to see what they'll have on the market when I'm looking for a new net book in about 3 years...

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