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Sanyo Electric Consumer Electronics will release the newest lineup in its air purifying cyclonic vacuum cleaner Airsis series on Oct 21. The cleaner prevents dust from spreading in the air with an upward designed exhaust, streaming the air through a high-performance filter that removes fine particles and bacteria.

The new SC-XD3000 features an air block at the lower portion of the outlet that opens during vacuuming, so that air flows upwards. Air is circulated in the room allowing the suction of airborne house dust while vacuuming. Compared to the conventional model, the air purifying speed has been enhanced by 20%. Suggested retail price: 115,500 yen.

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Looks like another Dyson DC21 remake, but at 115,500 Yen, that's one obscenely expensive vacuum!

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The new Sanyo vacuum I bought last week costs 6,000 yen. I don't see much performance difference between the two models.

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this vacuum cleaner goes with the 200 millions yen condo?

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not a 'new' product by any stretch of the imagination...i had a dyson 10 years ago, as did a million other people...still works like a charm, and, it was something like a third the price of this one...lets see, 75000 yen works out to how many extra beers ?

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115,500 yen!? I'd say give up and pay a housekeeper

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