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Dead tired? No worries. Japan’s new 'Killer Coffee' can handle it

By grape Japan

Suntory Foods International Ltd. literally has a killer new beverage it wants you to know about.

Hitting store shelves on Dec 6, "Killer Coffee" comes in 245-gram cans and two varieties, 覚醒ビターBLACK (Awakening Bitter BLACK) and 覚醒スイートLATTE (Awakening Sweet Latte).

Whether you prefer bitterness or sweetness, these new drowsiness-killing coffees are designed to keep you awake when you're working, studying, driving, or whatever it is you need to do.


According to their press release, Suntory focused on the respective characteristics of coffee and energy drinks to created a drink that combines the properties of both.


Killer Coffee 覚醒ビターBLACK (Awakening Bitter Black)

Carefully selected and blended coffee beans from Ethiopia and Brazil are roasted to a deep roast that enhances the bitterness and richness of the blend.

Killer Coffee 覚醒スイートLATTE (Awakening Sweet Latte)

Made from three types of carefully selected espresso coffees and milk, this beverage features an optimal balance of milk and sugar for an eye-opening sweetness.


Whether you enjoy your coffee black or with milk, Killer Coffee has the highest caffeine content among Suntory's existing canned coffee beverages (in the respective categories of black coffee and milk coffee beverages, per 100 grams).


Killer Coffee will be available through the following channels:

Vending machines: At service areas of Nexco East Japan, Central Japan, and West Japan.

Individual sales: Some university co-ops

Online: Amazon store*

  • You may need to use a proxy shopping service such as Buyee or White Rabbit Express to have your purchase delivered outside of Japan.



KILLER COFFEE Awakening Bitter BLACK: 245g can, 144 yen, (sold in 30-can cases), from Dec 6

KILLER COFFEE Awakening Sweet LATTE: 245g can, 144 yen (sold in 30-can cases) from Dec 6

KILLER COFFEE Awakening Bitter BLACK: 10-can box, 1,440 yen, 3 packs, from Dec 6

KILLER COFFEE Awakening Sweet LATTE: 10-can box, 1,440 yen, 3 packs, from Dec 6.

KILLER COFFEE Starter Pack: 1,476 yen (2 cans of KILLER COFFEE Awakening Bitter BLACK, 2 cans of KILLER COFFEE Awakening Sweet LATTE, 6 drip coffee packs), from Dec 13

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