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Formal suit maker and menswear chain Aoki has released a “deodorant suit and shirt” for men that eliminates body odor and has a bactericidal effect. The newly developed fibers neutralize body odor. Aoki has also released deodorant polo shirts, underwear and deodorant socks.

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wont help one bit if spend every night after work in izakaya chuffing fags, guzzling Black Nikka and eating ninnikku yaki

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that means more overtime you do not need to go home to shower

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how bout just some deodorant that works

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i hope they buy it!, i don't know how people can take a shower at night in summer days and stink the metro at morning...

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"deodorant socks"

I need them. As do all men.

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If only that guy who got kicked out of the casino the other day for his body odor had been wearing this suit...

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Sarge, I will make a present for your birthday - deodorant socks - yes I know, men dread socks for present...but you said you need them.

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To create a suit like this basically means that there are a lot of stink people in Japan. It is not the suit, but the stink business men in Japan that does not care much about their aroma when they are in public places. Japan should create an image of cleanliness while in public. For example, smokers should not smoke around people who don’t smoke and drunken people should talk a lot of breath fresheners before riding on the bus or trains.

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Sarge- "deodorant socks" Great post hahahaha.

If these guys showered or bathed daily and used deodorant , these suit wouldn`t be needed.

There are a small amount of people who have medical conditions that cause excess sweating. There is a product that can cure this with regular use called Driclor. Doubt it`s available in Japan , as i believe it is made in Europe.

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ThePro: Haha, I couldn't agree with you more!

I hope they make these available worldwide! I know a lot of men who are not Japanese who need these more! ugh

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