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Digital airwave alarm clock


Seiko's new digital alarm clock comes with both standard and electronic sounds. Users can choose between the electronic sound and analog bell sound according to their daily morning needs and lifestyle. Price: 4,200 yen.

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yes, and the year is 1990

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45 bucks for an alarm clock...i think not

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This is newsworthy?

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Come on, there must be more to it than this?

Where are the airwaves in the title? Surely they're not just rambling about the alarm sound selections? What's the point of that?

I bought a nice little digital alarm clock, and it sends out a nice electric bleeping noise to wake me up. Battery included, 105¥. Not so bad, and I see nothing in this article to suggest Seiko's product is worth even 1¥ more, let alone 4,095¥ more, than my Daiso clock's price.

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Radio clock perhaps?


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