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King Jim has announced the released of a new model of its digital business card holder device called Pitrec.

With Pitrec, you are able to take a photo of business cards using the built-in camera to scan the data and to digitally manage about 5,000 to 6,000 business cards.

It has a 3.5-inch touch panel (480x380), 200MP camera and microSD card slot. You can write a note directly on the scanned data with your fingers or stylus pen.

There are 12 ways of searching for business cards you are looking for in the device, including company name, person's name, browsing date, registration date, my list, keyword, and meeting date.

Data of the business cards can be managed by PC using software called DA-1 for writing the data in Excel or CSV formats.

Price: ¥37,000 Release date: August 28

Source: AkihabaraNews

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37,000 are you kidding me?

Most, if not all, tablets have 'business card' apps - along with all the extra functions of a tablet.

I can even get an app that does all this on my smartphone - and use it alongside all the extra functions of a smartphone.

What next, a digital address book for 30,000?!

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^You said it.

I scan business cards using a free version of an app on my Android tablet. I'm sure if I REALLY wanted to I could upgrade to the paid version, and share my database of cards across my tablet, phone, and probably my iPad too. For a total cost of about ~¥1000.

How do these products even come to market? Is there nobody on the product planning/market research teams who says "Nah, there's already an app for that." ?!

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What a joke.

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It's so easy to do this on a smartphone. To scan ANY document, picture, etc via a camera, at ANY angle (and then edit it to look like a normal, scanned image), just use "CAMSCANNER".

There are also numerous " business card maker" apps our there that can, if you really need to, make "digital cards" for you.

To be honest, all that is needed is a quick swap of phone data, but in archaic Japan, I suppose a card making app is also useful.

The product in the new article though, is a compete and utter DOA joke.

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