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Seiko has released a new digital metronome. The device can set a tempo of between 30 and 250 counts per minute. The device also remembers previous settings even if the battery runs out. 2,310 yen.

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Wow - fascinating.

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Gotta get one of these, it is amazing that it remembers previous settings.

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Digital metronomes have been around since I was a kid, so that's at least 25 years. Is being able to remember previous settings particularly important? It's just a number of beats per minute, after all. If you wait long enough between uses for the batteries to run out, isn't it equally likely that you'd forget which song you were playing the last time you used it?

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You people really miss the point here. The special thing about this metronome is that it has, unlike most other metronomes, four visible bolts on the front.

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