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Brother Industries Ltd will release a 15.5 mm thick document viewer “Brother Document Viewer SV-100B” to display so-called “digital paper.” SV-100B, which weighs 600g, features a 9.7-inch black & white display (1,200x825) and a miniSD card slot which can contain up to 10,000 pages of A4 format documents. The attached software needs to be installed on PC or laptop to convert digital documents files, such as MS Word, into Brother's special digital paper format, including 128-bit AES encryption and password lock. For Windows XP/Vista.

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I would buy this if it had a scanner component to it... and a touch sensitive panel to scribble in some notes.... oh, and half the thickness and weight.

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I wonder if people will use this for reading books..

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I would be interested ... if the price is correct. Hannari, what you talk about already exist:

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And the battery lasts for how many days before it needs to be recharged? And if lost, can the contents be remotely erased?

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I realy don't like that i have to change the format to "brothers digital format" , i just wait for the chinese knock off that can handle most document formats

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woah, you're right, that's pretty darn close. Just need a built in scanner... but then again, I suppose I could just use a digi-cam instead!

Thanks kurisutofu for the link (was able to link to ).

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Sorry, I could have reduced the link to ^_^; They sell different types of model and they look nice.

As for the model from this article, it seems it is oriented for professionals only, that's why the formats accepted are not that numerous ...

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<sigh> another product that does not support Mac.

Tried to buy an ebook reader last year in Yodabashi camera but they looked at me as if I was simple - I had seen them there before.

In the UK Waterstones now sells the Sony one - maybe I will get it next time I am over.

And when will the Kindle come to Japan?

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Be a little cautious about using Kindle in Japan - I know someone who has and uses it, but needed to start it up and register it whilst in the States. Without doing so it wouldn't work, apparently. This is just rumour, but yeah - better check that sort of thing out.

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