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Digital photo frame connects to Internet


A digital picture frame that also connects to the Internet and can be used as a computer has just been released by FreeBit. The frame uses basic Google Android software. It can send and receive e-mail, enable calculations and other basic computer functions.

The frame can connect to the Internet via wireless LAN, but requires a separate monthly payment for Internet service.

Aside from photographs, the digital frame can also play music and movies and has touch panel capabilities. It is about 17 tall and 20 centimeters wide, and weighs 644 grams.

Price: 24,800 yen

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Why don't we substitute iPod with it? But I'm concerned about the monthly contract for Internet access. Isn't it FREE? Is it just WIFI?

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ya...i think ur right caldina..they must have meant WIFI

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And I would want this instead of an iPad with a larger screen and even more capabilities because? It might be cheaper but it doesn't go into details about its spec. (memory size etc.)

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Thanks for the link, Jaegger. 2 GB flash memory. Not a lot at all. I think I will pass.

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