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Digital SLR camera featuring dustproof, weather-resistant construction perfect for outdoor photography


Ricoh Imaging Co Ltd has launched the Pentax KF digital SLR camera.

Redefining the essential values of SLR photography, the Pentax KF is designed to provide outstanding imaging performance in a compact body. It features a dustproof, weather-resistant construction and provides dependable cold-proof performance down to temperatures as low as -10°C, performing superbly in a wide range of outdoor photography without being affected by weather conditions. Despite being in the standard class, it incorporates an array of advanced functions and user-friendly features which are usually available only in upper-class models -- such as a pentaprism-type optical viewfinder with a nearly 100% field of view and an in-body shake-reduction system with a 4.5 shutter-step compensation. With the PENTAX KF, even first-time SLR users can easily and effortlessly enjoy full-scale SLR photography and the entire process of digital imaging.

Two special-edition color models -- crystal blue and crystal white -- will be marketed worldwide in a limited quantity of 700 units each.

Price: 107,820 yen

Source: Ricoh

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Dust proof? Really?

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I no longer use my DSLR. Happy to just use my phone.

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I thought there would be no new DSLRs. Canon and Nikon seem to have decided to give up on producing new DSLRs.

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DSLR are still 20x better as any phone cam

So if you are semi prof you will know that ..

I still use my camera for special moments and looking at the photos made with my DSLR i am still happy I have them ..

Made some very nice photos of the moon eclipse with a 200 2.8 with 2x extender eos 5

you can see uranus going behind the moon ..

cant do that with a Iphone !!

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DSLR are still 20x better as any phone cam

I would not argue or disagree with that. I never said phones were better than DSLRs

For 50 years, I always carried a camera. First film and then DSLRs. Big and heavy. Then I changed to mirrorless which was better. But after a few years, I stopped carrying it.

I always have my phone with me.

I went out for the lunar eclipse and normally would set up my tripod and camera but this time I did nothing but enjoy it.

I do use photos in my professional work and my iPhone 12 and 13 work just fine even for that. Since they are mostly on the internet and not printed on any scale. If I need a one-to-one photo the same size, yes I would need a very good DSLR but now I would pay a photographer to take them.

I really need my iPhone daily and I no longer want to pay for another DSLR or carry one.

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When the Apollo astronauts went to the moon, they took Nikon and Hasselblad film cameras with them. I guess nowadays astronauts only use digital cameras.

BTW, only the film was returned to Earth. The very expensive, specially made cameras were mostly left on the moon, to make room for moon rocks. I read somewhere that NASA has graciously consented to gifting those cameras to anyone who can go back to the moon to get them. Are you listening, Mr. Musk?

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Nice SLRs, but imagine a Pentax mirrorless camera.

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107,820 yen for a camera that was designed in 2016... Ricoh can't really come up with anything new anymore. RIP, Pentax.

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Sometimes an iPhone can be better than a DSLR but really depends.

My iPhone's pictures of the Eclipse were to say the least dismal - the iPhone's software kept trying to interpolate a round shape rather than what the naked eye could see... The Sony D6600 I bought for my Son, were showing craters upon the moon...

I took an evening photo of the bridge at Nikko, which looked pretty decent, though those taken with the DSLR weren't - though I guess it just wasn't configured correctly.

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I'm blown away by some of the shots I'm getting with my iPhone recently.

Given its myriad other applications, the only single function device I carry is a mechanical watch.

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