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Disaster survival kit


Irisohyama is selling a disaster survival kit for 19,900 yen. Fifteen items include blankets, gloves and enough toiletry supplies for five people.

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enough toiletry supplies for five people.

why FIVE? neither Japanese families are so large nor do they accomodate guests.

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Granny, Grandad, Mum, Dad, Kid.

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I heard that Daiso is selling the same thing for 1,900 yen, though you have to put together the items yourself - and you'll be SO embarrassed at the shelter without the brand label.

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No drinking water? Looks like it needs a water filter or bleach for purifying water, containers for/with water, trash bags to keep blankets and other items dry or use as rain coats, flashlights or light sticks. Etc.

19 000 for blankets, toilet paper and gloves? Oh, and a blowup pillow. Sweet dreams and good luck....

I think they make the storage box it's in and found another way to sell it?

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How useful have these things proved to be in the past? I'm thinking Kobe and Fukushima. I don't recall any reports of quake survivors living off their earthquake kits for any period of time.

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Having your own emergency kit can be useful. It's those first few days that you really got to battle for your own survival. but for nearly 2man? I could make my own kit. MREs (Meals ready to eat) are good to have in your emergency kit if you can get them.

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An disaster survival kit is a must have but that particular one looks like it was mostly thrown together at a 100 yen shop. I don't even see a flashlight or radio in there.

And how much is "enough" toiletry supplies anyway?

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I think there are so many different situations that it is impossible to make "kit" that is perfect for any situation. The only thing that we have changed in our house is that now we always keep large stack of boxes with bottled water near the genkan. No matter what, that will be useful.

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Where is the toilet paper?

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You mean the gloves? :-)

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Following the comment from LAGUNA;

I bought my stuff on Hard off house/ Daiso and Costco.

I would not be impressed by seeing someone carrying a "gucci" disaster survival.

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My kit is assembled into a backpack near the door, ready to go. Includes set of apartment keys and iPhone recharger, and my actual crucial documents like passport, birth certificate, social security card. At least now I know where all that stuff is. Also food bars & the usual. Basically, that pack will allow me to live out of house for a couple days or leave the country. I also have bottled water and rice and food enough for a couple weeks for myself and the cat kept in the upper closet in case stores run out, which they did for a couple days. May be overkill, but it seems about right. Going to add to that a bottled propane one burner for cooking in case the gas goes. That should about do it.

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Gonna really blow when that beam falls and crushes the pack.

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I also have bottled water and rice and food enough for a couple weeks for myself and the cat kept in the upper closet in case stores run out, which they did for a couple days. May be overkill

I don't know where you are at, but as someone who were in an area where it took a looong time for things to get back to normal. I can tell you it is not overkill.

Here it also took over a week to get power back, and almost a week to get running water. So you might want to make sure you have something to boil that rice on/with.

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