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Zojirushi Mahobin has collaborated with Walt Disney Co to make an electric kettle with the Mickey Mouse march melody as an alarm to alert you when water has reached boiling point.

After the water reaches boiling point, it keeps warm at 90 degrees Centigrade for a hour and then turns off automatically.

The kettle has a capacity of 800 milliliters. It can boil a cup of water (140 milliliters) in 65 seconds. A full kettle takes four minutes. The inside is coated with fluorine.

Price: About 10,000 yen

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Had to happen sometime, I guess, but to my beloved Zojirushi? I hate the Mickey.

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Boiling water and kids don't mix well. Oh, I forgot Mickey mouse is for adults here, too.

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Noone would be able to tell this is Disney, and it actually looks quite nice!

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