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Don’t drink the water


We never saw it coming, but it seems that bubble baths have been replaced by bubblegum baths. Yes, with a new line of Lotte bath salts, you can soak in a tub of water that does its best to emulate one of six popular flavors of chewing gum. The Blueberry version, for example, colors your bathwater indigo and makes it smell like the gum tastes, using extracts of lowbush blueberries. Plum and lemon juices are added to the Ume and Quick Quench versions, but our favorite is the caffeine-infused, mint-scented Black Black. Your body won’t know what to do! (Beau Miller/Metropolis)

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Cool product, I love bath salts.

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Even better is bubble bath.

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Bad product, i hate bath salts.

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Herbal Essenses kiwi-melon shampoo taught me that I cannot resist the temptation of eating soap products that smell of fruit.

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So is it toxic?

Or is it safe to drink the bath water.

Eds - This title is misleading.

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Love baths. Love bubbles. Gonna love bubble gum bathing fun.

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So is it toxic? Or is it safe to drink the bath water. Eds - This title is misleading.

Of course it's toxic. That's why the title says "don't drink."

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So how come it's OK to put all kinds of slimy gritty horrible oils and salts in the bath, but it's not OK to lather up in it?

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