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Doughnut decoration kit


With Krispy Kreme's decoration kit, you can show your artistic ability by making all sorts of designs on your doughnuts. The kit will come in handy for anyone wanting to send doughnuts as gifts for the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

The chocolate pencil comes in three colors -- pink, blue and brown. The kit also includes various flower toppings.

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This is great, I've been dreaming about a doughnut decoration kit for . . . hours. Now I can show off my real artistic talent when writing hiragana & kanji on doughnuts!

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Where is Homer Simpson?

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This is stupid.

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@ goddog, This Is Not Stupid I bet you can't even name one thing better in Japan than The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Decoration Kit!!!

See, I didn't think so . . . doh!

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Halloween and Christmas? Pink, Blue and Brown? And Flowers?

How you decorate D-nuts for these holidays with those colors and flowers is beyond me.

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Come on Gurukun, don't you have any artistic ability/ creative talent? You know this is the best thing since . . . anything ever, but hello kitty!

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Nice, nice, all good. I would buy it in second, but in order to do that we need Krispy Kreme in Fukuoka first!!!!!! Argghhh!

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but in order to do that we need Krispy Kreme in Fukuoka first!!!!!!

google: copycat krispy kreme recipe

I used to make my own flour tortillas from scratch until Japan figured out there was a niche market for them.

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