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Image: Whole Love Kyoto
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Dress like a modern-day geisha with new line of geta sneakers from Kyoto

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By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

The best way to get into the traditional spirit of the summer season’s festivities is with a lightweight cotton yukata, even if the matching wood-soled geta sandals leave you with blisters at the end of it all.

Despite being beautiful to look at, geta aren’t the most comfortable of footwear, so for one forward-thinking apparel brand the solution was obvious: Combine the look of the geta sandal with the comfort of a sneaker.

Created by Whole Love Kyoto, this new range of geta-sneaker hybrids can be worn with kimono and yukata, but they can also be added to any outfit for a unique look. The geta strap, made with Japanese fabric, is purely decorative, and matches the lines of the sneaker perfectly, as if the two were always destined to be together.

Whole Love Kyoto aims to create new items from old traditions, and the Hanao Shoe is their signature product, proudly handmade in Japan. The range of comfortable footwear comes in a variety of different colour combinations to suit all sorts of outfits.


▼ If you’re looking for the classy geta style, commonly worn with more formal kimono, then these are the ones for you.


The price of the footwear is sadly under wraps, with stock at the online store currently sold out. For those wanting to catch a glimpse of these in person, though, Whole Love Kyoto will be displaying them at Ueno Park’s Tokyo Edo Week festival until July 29.

Source: Whole Love Kyoto via Japaaan

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