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Kirin will shortly release a new refreshing drink, which it calls "Chikara Mizu (power water). It contains DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and fruity flavors. Kirin assures us it is good for refreshing minds during study or work.

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My life is now complete.

Take me, Oh Lord. But not before I get a sip of flavoured water.

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I must have this fruity beverage!

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I love the way Japanese beverage companies just throw in whatever chemical is the current fad. Last year it was that royal jelly crap, which was never in any drink before but now is in Dekavita, Vitamin Water, and just about every "energy" drink out there. Now it's collagen which is derived from pig fat(yummm!) that's in all kinds of new drinks. Now this? I mean, come on, does anyone actually know where royal jelly comes from? It's scraped off the heads of sweaty ants in heat as their foreheads secrete it for the queen to eat. Sounds delicious, right? Collagen is extracted from pig fat. If you want nice skin, why not take a bath? So, DHC, where does that come from?

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yo, quick edit, I meant DHA, not DHC. Just for the record, DHA is extracted from fish oil. Yum!

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Wake me up when they start mass-producing THC brownies.

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Kirin assures us it is good for refreshing minds during study or work.

If they say so, then it must be true.

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such a small bottle of Chikara Mizu (30 or 300ml?) for Y124? Chikara nukeru wa, it is called "Mizu Shobai".

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From the makers of DHA comes Stiffie. The fruity drink made with Vitamin V.

I think it will catch on with the silver hairs...

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This isn't a new product -- 'Chikara Mizu' was originally released by Kirin in 1994. This is just a new package, with DNA added.

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Oh good,

then I can just shake some dandruff into a pet bottle and label it "power water" too!

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I'm sorry, but I don't know any "refreshing minds" in Japan.

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