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Electric bike recharges itself as it goes


Sanyo Corp will introduce a new battery-assisted bicycle featuring its rechargeable battery technology “eneloop.” The new electric bicycle is the first to conform to Japan’s revised road traffic laws that became effective in December and allow electric bicycles to have electric assist power twice as large as that generated by human power.

The bicycle can generate electricity while braking and running downhill and charge the battery while on the go. The auxiliary charging decreases the number of times the battery needs to be topped off with a dedicated charger.

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136,290 yen for Sanyo Electric bicycle. Good buy for future clean short city travel. Way to go Sanyo and way to go Panasonic. Looks like a fine-clean travel machine.

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is this new? the title seems to suggest... but i've seen this kind of thing around the globe for a while.... and i'm pretty sure its not so new in japan either.

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Great idea but the problem with most electric bicycles is that they do not have gears and they are heavy. If you had 21,14 or even 7 gears on the bicycle, the ease of riding would be much greater. I bet my hybrid with 27 gears is easier to ride than one of those and there is no heavy battery to lug around or charge. Once again, a great idea but they have to get past this one-speed, asian bicycle idea.

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I tried one of these back home over Christmas. They are great! You can get up hills using half the usual amount of energy.

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Sanyo eletric bicycles will do great job for japan cities air,if more people used them, in need for changes world.

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The 3 gears that the electric bicycles I know of have, are enough for normal riding. Riding around on my Panasonic one as a regular bicycle after forgetting to recharge it is no problem - even while lugging the heavy battery around. Downhill is so smooth, I usually overtake other bicycles without pedaling. With the battery charged, I can ride my bike twice as fast (ok, slight exaggeration) minus the sweat. It's perfect for my 40 minute extremely rushed hilly commute. (Hills feel flattened)

That said, as I tend to be one of the many dangerous bikers whizzing around in the city at top speeds - a recharge function on the breaks is an EXCELLENT incentive to start using it.

I just hope the price will come down soon... (my pana was 6-man)

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Do they have a "non-sissy" version? And something for tall people?

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Sounds promising, but I doubt I'll ever get one until they change the power ratio laws. I generally cruise faster than the top speed allows, so there would be little power assisting. Not much point then.

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