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Elegant earmuffs to pair with kimono

By grape Japan

Tsumami zaiku is a traditional Japanese craft that dates back to the Edo Period used to create beautiful hair ornaments and sticks to pair with kimono. Square pieces of cloth are delicately and painstakingly pinched and folded in crafting ornaments such as cranes, but also flowers representative of the season called kanzashi.

Japanese maker Asobiya specializes in such hair ornaments, but infuses the traditional craft with modern fashion twists and practicality for a unique but gorgeous aesthetic. One of their latest and most popular releases are tsumami zaiku earmuffs, which pair perfectly and casually with kimono.

Modeled here are earmuffs after tsubaki, or the Japanese Camellia. As a February release, they're an elegant and welcome warmth in the cold when making the rounds in a kimono.

Photo: Asobiya

Each item is handcrafted to order, so they can be made uniquely to match different kimono or dress, such as the white lace and black velvet.

Photo: Asobiya

You can learn more about Asobiya on their home page as well as their online shop. Be warned that due to an overwhelmingly popular response and the nature of handmade orders, they are currently out of stock of many items, and reservations for the tsumami zaiku earmuffs wouldn't be delivered until after October.

You can, however, follow them on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. Their Twitter regularly updates with new item information.

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The wind was brutal the other day and there could still be a bit more cold weather, so why not?

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Decorative, adorable, purposeful and even a bit cute.

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