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Enjoy the flavor of tasty PABLO cheese tarts … in a drink

By Toby M, grape Japan

As spring settles over Japan, convenience stores retire their steaming tanks of oden, and vending machine drinks options slowly turn to only cold. It’s a sign that warmer days are on the way, and that means refreshing beverages are a must. Cue, the Pablo Cheese Tart drink (best served chilled)!

Now in Lawson convenience stores, the drink perfectly replicates PABLO’s moorishly melty Cheese Tart in liquid form.

What is a PABLO Cheese Tart and why should I drink it?

PABLO is a cheese tart bakery chain synonymous in Japan with the image of long lines of hungry customers queuing outside the self titled store. Over the past few years its popularity has exploded nationwide with customers enticed by the option to choose how they want their tarts baked, medium or rare. With demand high PABLO partnered with Tokyo Beverage Co. Ltd to create this new drinkable tart based on the ingeniously simple concept of: “What is the PABLO Cheese Tart became a drink…!?”.

But….does it really taste like a PABLO Cheese Tart?

True to the concept, the beverage brands itself as tasting just like its muse, the PABLO Cheese Tart. It has a creamy, mellow flavor, enhanced with the scent of apricot. It also uses the same cream cheese used in PABLO’s edible tarts to reproduce the signature rich, silky-smooth and delicious taste. If it’s as good as they say, we hope to see the same PABLO-esq long lines outside of Lawson convenience stores over the coming days.

he creators of the beverage didn’t stop in their efforts to replicate the flavor of the tart. They also tried to make the packaging recreate the experience of eating a PABLO Cheese Tart. The front of the carton displays a gooey cross section of a tart set against a PABLO trademark yellow background.The imaging is meant to replicate the same experience of customers at the PABLO store as they gaze at rows of ready to eat tarts beneath the yellow signage.

The lid of the drink shows a birdseye view of a tart with filling oozing out on the overhanging label. Seeing this reminds drinkers of taking a bite out of a real sizzling PABLO Cheese Tart!

Clearly this new beverage is not only packed with the satisfying flavor of a PABLO tart but the entire experience of lining up at the store while you gaze longingly at the desserts within! And with the emerging sunshine, this bright yellow beverage is the perfect way to keep cool and satisfied during the spring months.

Price: ¥ 188 (tax included)

Release area: Limited to Lawson stores nationwide (excluding Natural Lawson and 100 Lawson stores)

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