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Microsoft Japan is going to release an ergonomically-designed mouse called "Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse" and a set of the mouse and its companion keyboard "Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop" on Sept 6.

The keyboard's curved surface shape is very stylish and eases the twist of your wrists and arms and helps ease strain. The attached cushion palm rest is removable.

Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse - 5,985 yen Mouse and Keyboad set - 13,440 yen

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Great. Will it work with my iMac??? And be in English?

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Who would buy it? such a waste of money.

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Dunno, kido san. My personal favorite keyboard of all time was a MS ergonomic keyboard similar to this one. It died when my cat whipped her tail across my coffee cup and dumped the ingredients all over my beloved keyboard. The current flat Mac keyboard is just not as satisfying or easy or comfortable to use as that MS one was. I'm in fact rather disappointed that Apple hasn't come out with a similar ergo keyboard.

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An ergonomic keyboard not only saves your wrists, it can improve typing speed dramatically (if you're in a profession that values keyboard productivity). I've used the MS ergonomic keyboard for years, and plan to switch to this new one eventually.

(No, it doesn't work with Macs.)

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There is no better and ergonomical mouse than the logitech MX Revolution...I'm using it for 8-12 hours/day for the past 4 years, and I'll buy a replacement in notime once is get broken. It is very expensive though/.

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Logitech G510 FTW

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Great. Will it work with my iMac??? And be in English?

Yes, it works with Macs.


A lot of Microsoft devices work with Macs, ironically.

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