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Espresso with wings


Who needs the harsh, chemical-heavy “wings” of Red Bull when you can have the flexible ones of Gewah L’s Putto espresso cup? While the rubber wing-handles make sipping hot espresso a tad unnerving, the mere concept gives reason enough to brave the bendy grip. Made of ceramic and rubber, this cup and saucer is sure to bring you cheer in those early hours. Get your wings in pink, black and beige. (Laura Hibbard/Metropolis)

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What useless crap is this?

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I like it

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'Brave the bendy grip'? 'Bring cheer to you in those early hours'?

Cute cup but I would hate to have to concentrate so hard to keep my hot coffee from spilling onto my lap in the early hours of the morning with a rubbery grip for a handle.

Does anyone know who writes these articles? The way the reporters describe things is so unclear that it sends out the wrong message to people. I guess that is why there are more negative feedbacks than positive ones on this site.

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