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Fujitsu's new Esprimo FH900/5BM 3D personal computer features a 23 inch wide-screen LCD display. The new system also enables digital broadcasts, and can receive two different channels at the same time. The hard drive is measured at 1 terabyte capacity, allowing the system to record up to 870 hours of TV broadcasts. The computer also features a smart sensor that will turn the system on and off depending on whether people are present in the room, and is equipped with an ion air cleaning unit.

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If it comes with an option of English OS, I might consider buying it, since there are only few "all in one" PCs in market.

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That's terabyte, cowboy.

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roughneck - you are few clicks away from English or any other from the 32 languages supported from Win7 Ultimate. You need to buy upgrade license from Home Premium Japanese to Ultimate Japanese. Then download your language from Win updates and install it! Cost me additional 14000yen but it adds also the premium features of the OS ...

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bogva: yep did the same, finally windows semi got it right

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Best to avoid integrated PC units. Upgrades and repairs usually mean the computer is gone for a couple of weeks back to the retailor. Expect expensive service bills, just to fix simple things like fans or PSUs.

A couple of friends with iMacs have experienced this nightmare. IMacs are also notorious for overheating, since everything is crammed so tight together. PC towers are the way to go.

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this is news?

this is one thing i didn't get about living in japan. personal computers were sooooooo far behind the times. at least a year or more compared to stuff i could get in the U.S. especially when it came to gaming PCs and PC parts. kind of dispelled the myth about japan being "high tech."

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We have used 2 Fujitsu computers for about 15 years. We have never had any problems and only stopped using them because of the age. I have a HP laptop from overseas which has been good but it runs very hot and the cooling fan runs continually. The Fujitsu laptop runs cool all day and you wouldn't know it was running. An overseas computer expert opened our oldest Fujitsu computer and could not believe the quality of the motherboard.

The only problem in Japan is being able to procure parts to do your own repairs on Japanese computers. Mostly limited to fitting extra RAM. Fujitsu has great customer support.

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