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FamilyMart releases eco-friendly cutlery kit


FamilyMart has released four new types of sustainable, eco-friendly products under its Convenience Wear line.

The Convenience Wear line by FamilyMart was made in collaboration with fashion designer Hiroshi Ochiai. Following the concepts of “good materials, good technology, good design” Convenience Wear produces several miscellaneous goods like socks, handkerchiefs and shirts. 

Due to the shift from single-use plastics at FamilyMart, where plastic forks were replaced by wooden chopsticks, these new items couldn’t have come at a better time. 

Priced at ¥500 each there are two types of cutlery sets with chopsticks, an eco bag and a pair of reusable straws. 

Source: FamilyMart

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Well done! Family Mart....even one less piece of plastic is part of the solution.

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They are sold in plastic ...

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