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This automatic fan from Toshiba is equipped with a sensor that measures room temperature and humidity. The fan strength automatically changes based on the readings. 15,000 yen.

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Fans do almost nothing to cool a home in the hot summer months. Add a refrigeration unit and I'm sold!

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" Fans do almost nothing "

This summer you better get used to fans w/o aircon. And its not necessarily a bad thing. People have survived summers with fans, long before electricity-guzzling aircon was invented.

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I live in an old house here w/no aircon. I don't really like it and always use fans. However last year we had over 35c every SINGLE day for 3 mos straight- most of jpn same, and it was just awful. I couldnt sleep at night and I didn't want to do anything in the day. This summer is supposed to be similar. All those ppl in Tokyo, if they cut the electricity, will be in a sad state. I thought this fan might actually DO something with those sensors, like dehumidify or directional mini-ac, but if its just a fan not worth it.

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I survived last summer sans aircon. It can be done but fans alone won't do it add a green curtain(plants) as well as other things like reed/bamboo-blinds, etc.

Those will lower the temps a lot, just replaced the blinds for my apartment and it cost less than 3.000Yen for 5 rooms.

Of course too late now to get a green curtain going now but would still help. Also change your in-house attire and bed-covers to more suitable ones.

As was said above people survived those temps for a long time before fans and air-cons came along.

As for a fan containing a dehumidifier or a mini air-con ....

Said that last summer I was more healthy and active than in previous years as my body didn't have to struggle to adjust to the constant temp changes of hot and air-conditioned rooms. Of course keep your fluid-intake up(I recommend home-made mugi-cha).

Granted takes a bit of time to adjust.

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I was without a/c for the last two years too, but I gave up and moved last August. It was just too uncomfortable and I couldn't get any sleep either. I ended up with a gigantic electricity bill for that first August, but I don't regret a thing. :) I wish there was a better way, but with the weather being so warm already, it seems like this summer is going to be a scorcher and I look forward to not having to sit with a wet towl wrapped around my shoulders all day just to not be in as much pain. :)

I grew up in a place with much higher temperatures year-round, but with no humidity, and it was a lot more bearable than here. The humidity is a real killer, not looking forward to that at all! I may perhaps choose a booth at a local famires and temporarily set up house. ^^;

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Heck, I have a device that measures the temperature and humidity that cost only 100 yen. My 3,000 yen fan keeps the air moving just fine.

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