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Feel like a Ghibli heroine at home with relaxwear inspired by Kiki, Sheeta and Arrietty

By grape Japan

Some of our readers may recall when we introduced Donguri Closet. A spinoff brand of Donguri Republic, the most famous maker of goods for Studio Ghibli's classic films, Donguri Closet launched last spring as "a brand focusing on the kindhearted heroines (of Ghibli Studio films) who have a strong will and determine their own lives." The brand wants to appeal to women who watched Studio Ghibli films as girls and are now older but still cherish their memories of that experience. Thus, they hope you'll open this "closet" of memories and discover "a place where you can be yourself" through their products.

Ghibli heroine relaxwear

On June 26th, 2021, Donguri Closet will release four types of relaxwear inspired by the heroines of "Laputa: Castle in the Sky," "Kiki's Delivery Service" and "The Secret World of Arrietty."

The distinctive motifs of the three heroines, Sheeta, Kiki, and Arrietty, have been subtly added to the designs. The oversized dresses can be worn comfortably as loungewear or everyday wear.

In addition, you'll also be able to buy exclusive pouches and scrunchies with motifs from "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" and "The Secret World of Arrietty" at Donguri Closet stores and online. Why not buy them together as a set?

Kiki's Delivery Service Witch Relaxwear


The ribbon on the back is inspired by Kiki's red ribbon. The size around the waist can be adjusted. This Relaxwear measures 54 cm wide and 100 cm long, and costs 8,580 yen (incl. tax).

Laputa "Angel who fell from the sky" Relaxwear


There's a stitched design of a volucite pendant around the neck and a fox squirrel at the back of the hood. This Relaxwear measures 62 cm wide and 120 cm long, and costs 8,580 yen (incl. tax).

The Secret World of Arrietty "Flowering Garden" Relaxwear


You'll find Arrietty embroidered on the sleeves and the cuffs and hem have a patterned design in the style of Arrietty's bedsheets. This Relaxwear measures 52 cm wide and 110 cm long, and costs 8,580 yen (incl. tax).

The Secret World of Arrietty Vanity Pouch


This pouch measures 19 cm wide, 10 cm high, 10 cm deep, and costs 3,300 yen (incl. tax).

If you're interested, visit the Donguri Closet shop in Lazona Kawasaki Plaza or their online store from June 26.

Donguri Closet store

Donguri Closet on Instagram

Donguri Closet page on the Donguri Republic online store: Sora no Ue

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