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Feeling chilly? Stay warm with this heated vest


Now that the weather is finally starting to cool down after months of record-breaking heat, it’s out with the summer wardrobe and in with the sweaters, scarves and coats. Aside from layering up and buying countless heating pads, why not invest in a vest that does both? Thanko has released a vest that has five rechargeable heating pads to keep you warm all throughout the end of the year.

The vest comes in sizes ranging from medium to extra, extra large and is washing machine friendly. Gone are the days of bulky layers when you can easily stay warm with just two. There are three “heat” modes and is said to run for up to eight hours at most. In addition, it’s also made with a water-resistant fabric making it the perfect addition to any outdoor camping trip this autumn season.

On sale on the Thanko website for ¥7,980

Source: Thanko

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I think we might hold on to the summer clothes just a little bit longer.

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Modern Japanese homes are not constructed without insulation. Our current house is well insulated and draft-proof.

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The true meaning of a hot man!! LOL

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David Brent do you happen to know why Japan builds homes without insulation? Has it anything to do with earthquakes? I agree with you I feel like I waste more money for my electricity bill because of that fact.

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I don't mind cold. It's the dry winter air that gets me. My skin drys up like old sushi rice. I'm used to the moistness of the Lake District.

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Now it’s starting to cool down -when this article was written I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts….

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Very strange time to start advertising those. We haven't recovered from the heat.

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Very strange time to start advertising those.

Not really. It's called marketing I believe. My local イトヨカドare pushing Christmas cake and おせち料理. And it's only the start of October!!!

Heads up, watch out for the JR ski commercials coming soon.

due to their houses being as well insulated as a garden shed.

Indeed. I like a nice cold Japanese house. In my 半纏 eating 鍋. It's nice and cozy, you see.

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The sad thing is that millions of Japanese people have to resort to wearing things like this even inside their own homes in winter, due to their houses being as well insulated as a garden shed.

-4 ( +7 / -11 )

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