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Fight 'kaiju' in style with new Shin Ultraman eyeglasses

By grape Japan

With the release of "Shin Ultraman," "Neon Genesis Evangelion" maestro Hideaki Anno's take on iconic tokusatsu hero Ultraman, fans have been treated to a slew of fascinating goods including Ultraman burgers from McDonald's.

Japanese eyeglasses maker Yabushita is adding to that lineup of goods, letting fans celebrate the film's release in style with a new duo of "Shin Ultraman" glasses.

The first of the two models is inspired by Ultraman himself, made from lightweight and rust-resistant titanium, with blue light-cut cut lenses which are modeled after the shape of Ultraman's eyes (replaceable at an optometrist).


The second is inspired by Zetton, the beetle-like kaiju and biological weapon Zetton. The temples have a three-dimensional design that expresses the distinct arms of the creature, and the pair are made of the same material as the Ultraman model.


Both pairs come with a special Shin Ultraman eyeglass case and eyeglass wipe, and are available from Yabushita and retail locations in Japan listed at the special collaboration website.


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